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This is my first post to NDC. I am so glad to have found this web site. I wish I had learned of it earlier. I was not sure where to post the following so I placed it here since it does involve what I consider a precognitive dream. I thought the readers would find it interesting. I want to share a dream that I originally posted on another site .  This site has integrity but my main focus is on dream studies and NDC seems to be a better fit for me.  I posted as username Ridley there as well. I posted a dream in the Dreams and Visions category entitled Storms on North Carolina Coast on August 29, 2016.  You can visit that site and see the original posting and comments.  The dream that I posted there was the following:  In this dream I am riding in a car with a friend.  The day is dark cloudy gray, stormy weather.  We see 3 tornadoes together near each other coming down to the ground.  We talk about the destruction they cause in Wilmington, NC.  We think of another friend we have that lives there.  This dream seems to be a warning dream.  The 3 storms  may represent 3 different events, "storms" that will impact this geographical area.  Major Hurricane.  End of post.  
I think that it is safe to say and correct to say that this dream that was originally posted on 8/30/16 was a warning dream concerning the powerful Hurricane Matthew that caused wind damage and tremendous flood damage along the coast of the USA from Florida to North Carolina during the early days of October 2016.  And of course it caused devastation in Haiti before heading to the United States.  The flooding in NC was on an historic scale with many rivers including the Tar, Neuse and Cape Fear  flooding a huge area in and near the geographical area mentioned in my dream.  Much property was destroyed including homes, businesses , crops, livestock, roads and lives lost.
Welcome to the NDC Ridley. I am glad you found us. Take a look around our site, I also hope it is a good fit for you. Our members are nice and we have some talented dreamers. You might want to review the projects undertaken as well.
Ridley - Welcome to NDC. Smile So happy that you found us and hope you will enjoy your time spent here. Please feel to jump in anytime you feel the need to do so.
Welcome the the NDC! Please note that we also have an area for Exceptional Human Experiences as well as posting dreams and making predictions. I always like to encourage posting of dreams even if you don't think it's directly precognitive. The bot needs dream language to mine!

Hope to see more of you soon! Big Grin