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I dreamed that the bond market freezes up before the stock ever crashes.
That would make sense and will begin to happen when rates rise.

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Since election there has been a massive selling off of bonds while the stock market has risen...if it freezes up you probaly won't be able to use your credit cards.
The bond market has sold off big time here of late and it too started to be propped by the federal reserve buying the bonds. Watch greg mannarino's most recent videos on the markets and others out there...if the bond market keeps flatlining and the yield curve inverts it will drag down the stock market, also, and credit will start to freeze up...which will be a big problem.
According zero hedge(already on second page) article today the high yield junk bond market appears to have started to freeze up as their have been no new loans taken out in a month to float any junk bonds for about a month as this appears at the end of a credit cycle.
Bring it!
The crash is definitely on now the fed raised rates and the stock market lost over 1000 pts in 2 days. Deutsche bank's stock price dipped below 8 dollars for a while today and finished at 8.06 a share. Even Janet Yellen is saying there is economics woes to come in 2019 for the economy.
Plus, hemp is no longer outlawed. Big oil is screwed. They need a war to save their pockets.
The bond curve has officially inverted today. The one month bond yield is higher than the 10 year yield now. A bond inverted yield curve is generally very bad for the economy.
Yep, now this one, they actually taught in my MBA courses. The VIX also spikes extremely high. Inverted yield curve is arguable THE biggest leading indicator for big selloffs or at least major recessions. Thanks for staying on top of this. BTW, I think the 10 year is now lower than the 3-month, not one month. But all the above remains the same.
The problem with Turkish lira has reared it's ugly head again. It's down to 5.6 to the dollar and if were to go below 5.1 it could wipe out the Turkish banks which would a real problem and cause the dominoes to fall in Europe.

I had similar dreams myself with the culmination being a very disturbing tombstone image and date... One being of another America and World economic crash, Conservatives removed from office in the UK and a terrorist attack.... NZ Mosque being the Attack... time scale given to me was 2019 to early 2021. 4th July 2022 was on the Grave Stone...
The three month bond is once again higher than 10 year and yield curve inversion is getting steeper and steeper.
Yield inversion is getting steeper with 10 year bond going below 2.