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Full Version: Just the three of us
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Oh my gosh what an emotional dream.

Seemed like my family, I was convicted of some federal racketeering crime or something. They thought I was going to run away or something as they almost didn't let me see my wife again nor our son, who was off somewhere. Anyway the agents told me, before my wife found out, that our kid had a brain tumor from all his blurbling as a child.

They agreed to let me see her again, but before seeing her and hearing the news I was in tears weeping for my wife, who would have to go through his death alone and me being in prison would be harder on her than me so I grovelled with the agents to let me help her through this and I would do whatever to make up for it and finally they let me go. Which I also then woke up.

My gosh that was awful and I hope our kid does not have a tumor. Nor can I think of any reason I would be going to jail.

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