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Full Version: Who is watching me, and why?
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In the dream I'm with a friend and freelance artist that I know. She has been in a minor accident and chipped one of her front teeth. I'm following her around, and we visit her brother in some kind of a workshop garage. I'm trying to get her attention, as I've found her tooth, and put it in my work desk for safe keeping.

We head back to the office, and everything seems like a carnival atmosphere. There are people milling about everywhere; laughing, eating and drinking. I see an old boss from years ago, and want to talk to him but the crowd sweeps me away. When I get back to my desk (which is outside in this carnival area), the missing tooth is gone. But my friend doesn't seem to care.

At this point I see my boss and friend together, and realize she is his daughter, and they've been hiding it all these years. We sit down at a banquet table, and there is a band at the table next to us. She's interacting with them, and that's when the dream gets weird. There is a woman with them, and I realize she is watching me. It was like I became lucid, and realized she isn't a dream construct, she's real and what the HELL is she doing in my dream watching me?!! I remember the funny way my friend's brother was looking at me earlier and realize HE was watching me too. I am now suspicious of the band as well. They are running some kind of carnival ride, but it's more like a test of some kind.

I end up on a bus, hoping to get away. I'm with my friend, a few co-workers, and some random people. We are driving through a very humid, drippy scenario, and we stop for lunch. I realize that I am the only one eating anything, and am horrified that I may become trapped there, like eating fairy food. I wake up.

THOUGHTS - my friend is not my boss's daughter, so not sure about that aspect. But the people watching me? Especially the woman. It was like she was noting my reactions to things. I wanted to talk to her, but something about her was very frightening. The band was running some kind of ferris wheel ride, except it wasn't a wheel, it was much more convoluted than that. Reminds me of the tarot card The Wheel of Fortune.
Thank you GG. I wonder if we all are being observed and you were able to see it? I wonder if that is why we had a dry spell with the dreams because we were picking up on a spy in the midst? Did you get angry when you noticed her?

Last week I had a dream where someone told me I was in danger and they showed me a blond woman. I thought it was just Hellary Clinton. hahahaha.
The woman in the dream had shortish dark hair. And very intense eyes, which was what drew my attention to her. She scared me quite a bit.
Hi GG,

I have sometimes experienced two types of watching;  One is a felt presence of many hundreds of people who seem to be whispering about the dream to each other but mostly not trying to talk to me.  IMHO it could be backwash from future people reading your dream.  Christopher Columbus mentions this type of experience.

The other one is a felt presence in real time, in which some person or entity is viewing the dream, possibly as you dream it.  I had one such repeat viewer for a year or so, and felt some leakage from her personality-- I acquired, for example, a taste for jazz music during that time, and could sometimes feel her anger or boredom.  Not much contact from her lately, but since then I can often sense people having strong emotions about me, often at distance.

Do you have a sense about whether your dream witness is contemporary, a viewer from the future, or possibly something else?

Hi ablelba, she was in real time. Taking notes, that's the impression I got once she realized that I saw her and knew what she was doing. I've thought about it, and she seemed business like. Blouse and skirt. Don't remember if she was wearing glasses in my dream, but yeah, glasses on the end of her nose sometimes.
(11-10-2016, 08:53 AM)Goldengirl Wrote: [ -> ]Hi ablelba, she was in real time. Taking notes, that's the impression I got once she realized that I saw her and knew what she was doing. I've thought about it, and she seemed business like. Blouse and skirt. Don't remember if she was wearing glasses in my dream, but yeah, glasses on the end of her nose sometimes.

Hmm, yeah. Sounds a bit like mine. I had the impression that my lurker was a remote viewer geographically located somewhere in Northern Russia, possibly on the outskirts of St Petersburg. I have no idea how she chose me to RV or why she RV'd me, but she was watching me for a year or more, off and on. Her activity greatly diminished, or seemed to, when I started trying to RV her back. She likes Jazz--Previously I didn't like it at all, but now I find I have developed a taste for it. So watch to see if you have developed new tastes, hobbies or skills.

Got some other unexpected stuff as well during that time period-- By accident, I found that, if I am wondering about the future history of an object and run my right index finger lightly across it from left to right, I will often see a future history of the item, rapidly, like scrolling through a YouTube video with the bar at the bottom of the screen. From this, I expect that the van I bought a year ago will stay with me more than a decade and when it no longer runs, will end up parked beside the wall of a house I don't recognize (light colored walls, maybe stucco, one story, warm climate?) being used as a storage shed. I can sometimes also peer around the inside corners of old pictures to see what was there at the time of the photo. No idea if these are real skills, and they don't work all the time for every object. Or possibly I have just gone crazy in minor ways. Within 20 years I should know if its true about the van... :-)

While I have never worked for any government, for a while I was living near Washington DC. It's possible that someone with the Russian RV community randomly picked me for my geographic location. She would show up in the back of my mind like someone standing behind me, and if my mind was drifting, I would get the occasional question about what I was looking at or where I was. She also liked the majestic anthem of the old Soviet Union/Russia. Sometimes if I thought she was watching, I would re-imagine that tune as if played by banjos and fiddles. It seemed to tick her off...

I recently moved from the Eastern US to rural Canada. Since then I have not detected any surveillance. Maybe Canada is not that interesting to the Russians, or maybe she/they just can't find me...

SO... Goldengirl, you could look into remote viewing, and try to view her back. RV-ing seems to work best at a certain time of day, between 12:30 and 14:30 Local Mean Sidereal Time. LMST changes slowly throughout the year, but if you have a cell phone that takes Apps, you can get, for example, "Sidereal Clock 1.8.3 by BSB Mobile Solutions," and it will figure out when 12:30 to 14:30 LMST occurs in your geographic location at this time of year. Or look it up on the internet.

For example, where I am, LMST is currently 3 hours and 26 minutes ahead of local time. So my best RV window here will occur between about 9:04 and 11:04 AM. This is probably about where your RV window would be, wherever you are.

Best of luck dealing with your lurker! Hope she will not bother you much from now on--

Thanks ablelba - your insights are helpful. Don't know what she was looking for, or why, so I'll just keep an eye out at this point.