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Full Version: Dream of attacks in NYC and ... Marseille?
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This was a strange one... vivid dream. I am in the back seat of a car with my wife. Our driver is a well trained guard/specialist. We are being followed by a motor cycle ridden by a man that was trying to perform an attack. We neutralize him (gunshot by the driver out the side window hits cyclist in the chest and he wipes out). But now there are 3 more bikers coming to get us.

While the three cyclists are closing in, we read a printout on what is what we are protecting. It is a detailed plan to launch nukes to two locations. The first is eastern Pennsylvania with some information about NYC. The second is strange because it is a region of the world I am unfamiliar with. I see Marseille and Italy and the coastline / Riveria. We get information about a head of state (Prime Minister) and others being in that area for some reason and that is why it was a target. Marseille and Italy were both significant.

That's it. I found this one very vivid and when I woke I looked up a map of the Riveria / Marseille area and was shocked to see it so accurate to the dream. Then again, I am sure I studied this region in the past so it may have been a fragment in my memory.
Thanks 1d1a1n1!

Any idea as to timeframe? I'm picking up that the nukes were to be launched simultaneously, is that right?
1d1a1n1 - Thanks for posting your dream. Please let us know if you get anymore details.