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Full Version: Dog Dream, 11/14/16 am
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This morning I knew that I had dreamed of a dog that I once had and is deceased. I couldn't remember much other than the dog. Now at 3:08 pm, the dream just came back to me. I don't know why this dream just suddenly flooded into my memory.

Start of Dream. I am in a room that looks like a medical lab. I see my dog and wonder why she is there because she passed away years ago.  I see someone in a lab coat. He tells me they were not successful. I am confused and ask, did you try to breed her?  He said, you know we can't do that. I said, yes, I suppose so. He said, we tried to make another one for you but we have not been successful. I look at him feeling confused as to what is happening here. End of Dream.

Afterthoughts: At least someone, somewhere in the Universe is concerned for my happiness.
I frequently dream & post about my dog that passed on. Thought I would give you all a visual of what she looked like.
Thanks Julie! Beautiful. Of course I think all dogs are! Big Grin
Yea, dogs are awesome aren't they? I am looking forward to having a dog again one day.

One thing that she would do that I thought was interesting. When she wanted to show her strength to another dog, she would stand erect and she would have one side of her head towards the dog. Then she would slant her head a certain way so her eye that was toward the other dog, would slant upward and looked like a big almond. And the amber color in her eyes would intensify. I called it shape shifting and I would have to step between her and the dog she didn't like.

(11-15-2016, 06:47 PM)Goldengirl Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks Julie! Beautiful. Of course I think all dogs are! Big Grin
One of my goldens did that as well. Stood real tall, stood to the side so she looked real big and scary, and she would toss her head like Don't you even.

Our other golden, whom she thought of as her baby, was always getting into trouble. The male dogs either wanted to pick a fight, or thought she was a purty little thing. So the older golden would step in and always defused the situation. Don't know if her eyes glowed any, but no one wanted to mess with her. Big Grin
I love goldens and knew one when I had my grey. She was one of the few dogs my greyhound would not mess with. That golden was o.e of the nost confident
cool tempered dogs I'vs ever known.