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Full Version: It's Magic
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At first I was at an event for President Trump. My task was to box things up, as each group had brought something of extreme value from their country. I'm wrestling with a huge ornate box with a velvet bag that it came in. I have no idea what's inside. Eventually I get it inside, and am a bit pissed that none of my friends attempted to help me.

One of my friends comes by and we have to go to a shop and buy some candy. Everything there is retro and extremely expensive. As my friend turns I realize that she has two heads. I've been talking to the one on the left. I am amazed, but not frightened at all. It seems as if everything around us has a bit of magic inside. I'm quite sure the box had some kind of magical creature in it.

A man comes by who is a teacher, and he is trying to impress us by the fact that he has been promoted to a Cursive Teacher. Now that makes me laugh. He is very annoyed with me, as Cursive is a very old form of magic, and you have to train hard to get to that level and certification. He hands me a small chalkboard, all full of himself, and asks me to show him my cursive. So I wrote out a whole sentence and handed it back to him. He actually looked at me with a bit of fear, like where did I learn that? I can also read his mind, and he thinks that I have natural ability, quite a lot of it, and he needs to report this to someone.

THOUGHTS - not sure at all, LOL. It was a very Harry Potter kind of world, magical boxes and my friend with two heads. And the Cursive Teacher was funny. Although maybe I shouldn't bring attention to myself, and that's the real takeaway.
GG - Sounds like a fun whimsical dream. What came to mind when you mentioned the box as Pandora's Box.
It was kind of fun. Big Grin I actually wish I had been there longer, and practiced my mind reading!