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Full Version: Apartment & Hail storm dream, 11.15.16 am
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Two scenes from dream time last night.

Scene 1. I am in a apartment that I've moved into. I check the front door and notice that it does not close right and won't stay locked. I call maintenance. The maintenance man shows up at the door and I let him in. He looks at the door and says that I need new hardware so he can't help me. I told him, you are not leaving until it's fixed. He said, I only fix things, not replace them and you need a new door knob and lock. I said again, you are not leaving until the door is working properly. He said, ok what is the address? I said, I don't know. We repeated this to each other a few times. I open the door and there are women on the walkway outside the door. I ask them what the address is and they said, we don't know. One of the women says, look in the blue apartment manual you were given, it should be in there. I closed the door telling the maintenance man not to leave and I went to look for the manual.

Scene 2. I am in a red car driving in the parking lot of a strip mall. Suddenly I see hail falling from the sky and notice it is mixed with icicles. I see a young man on the sidewalk and motion for him to get in the car. I was afraid he would get stabbed in the head with the  icicle hail. He said, "what is happening, is it the beginning?" I said, I'm not sure what's happening but I do know we need to get inside the building. Then the hail stopped and we ran into the strip mall. Then we are in back of the mall and the ground is all sandy looking. I notice fox holes with soldiers in them and the holes are covered with burlap to match the sand. We needed to get past them and I said, they don't see us, so we can walk where we want.  We walked past them and went into a sporting goods store. My companion grabbed a backpack and asked, what do I need. I told him, I have a bug out bag in the trunk of the car so you won't need much.  I don't know where we will end up so you will need only the basics, cooking utensils, first aid, clothing and dried food.

Afterthoughts: Someone was obviously trying to get me to "see" the location of a military operation.  Dodgy