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Full Version: Deceased person dream, 11.16.16 am
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Dreamed of a family I've not seen in years. These are people I knew since I was a child and the one who stood out the most has been deceased 10+ years. I'll call him Mr. H.

I am in the house with Mr. H's family while he is outside. I am telling someone that I need to go to work but don't have a vehicle and am worried how I'm going to get there. Mr. H walks into the house and hearing me he says, I have a vehicle you can use out in the driveway. I walk out to the driveway and see only construction equipment, a big dump truck and a big tractor. I walk back into the house and say that I cannot take those to work. Mr H smiled and said, not those vehicles, you can take one of the cars. He handed me car keys and I walked out of the house, got in the car and drove away. End of Dream

Afterthoughts: What I remember the most of this dream was how happy and light spirited Mr. H looked. His wife is still alive and I am wondering if her time has come to cross over and that is why I dreamed about him.
Thanks Julie. Keep us posted.
He came in while you were talking about a problem you had and helped you with that problem. That says to me that he was there for you.
At one time when I knew these people, I wanted to marry their son just to have them as my in-laws .
Well, Mr. H knows how much you cared about them then. Makes sense he would be a helper.