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Full Version: 11-16-16 Boulders and Tremors
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I am with a group of people outdoors near a stream in the mountains. There are some trees, alongside the stream. We are gathered here together for some reason. A meeting perhaps? I don't know why I am here but I do know that the people who came from California took an 1 1/2 hours to arrive here. I feel like we are camping but there is no tent and I don't notice vehicles. I do not know how they traveled. I am trying to figure out how to teach some type of math concepts. I have been asked to do this but I really don't like math or teaching it. I would rather teach something else. I am walking along the stream as I am thinking. Someone mentions the water level and a drought. Suddenly I notice the stream vibrate and stop, vibrate and stop. However, I am not feeling it really. This is odd actually. The vibrations in the stream remind me of the spots on a giraffe. It is like only patches of the stream are vibrating. I thought "is there an earthquake?" but I didn't really feel the land move. I turn around to look at the mountain. I begin to hear a low roar and then see boulders begin rolling down the slope. I think" I am supposed to die today, from a boulder". It wasn't a question. In the shadow of the mountain before me stands a grassy meadow. It is the only thing between the tumbling boulders and me. There are other people near me. Some of the boulders are the size of garages. Even larger. I am trying to time running between them as I see them descend the mountain. There are now some wooden stands between me and the stream, small old fashioned fruit stands perhaps. I am gaging where I need to go as more boulders make their way down the mountain. I do not know if an earthquake caused this or if it is a landslide on it's own. Perhaps a distant quake unsettled the mountain? I think perhaps I do not need to die today if I can just dodge the boulders.

The area looked similar to the terrain found in parts throughout the hills and mountains of California. I do not know if this is about an earthquake in California. It may be. There is another possibility. There was a feeling of a "camp" and the boulders were moving. Perhaps it is about Standing Rock. Maybe something is about to change or happen regarding Standing Rock. Numbers and math were also a constant them. Timing my running between boulders. Even the 1 1/2 time (distance).