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Full Version: Male Christian Singer Injury
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Dream of November 15th, 2016.  A warning dream for an individual. A precognitive dream.  In this dream I see a well known Christian singer [GS]. See he and his wife near their car in a parking lot.  There is something wrong  with the top of his head...he has suffered a head trauma .   I do not see any blood there is just  a feeling that the top of his head is gone.    In the car in a box in the back seat is a white plastic object that his wife was supposed to have mailed but she has not.  He gets a bit upset by this.  The main subject of this dream is the 'problem' with the top of his injury or illness.
There was more at beginning that I can not recall.  This is the type of dream that I would rather contact the individual with and I will try to do this through the mail or possibly in person.  I also will pray for more information and direction.