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Full Version: Garage dream, 11/19/16,am
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Start of dream. I am walking with a man, dark hair , about 5'7", about 50ish in age. We are both wearing dark green or black uniforms. We walk into a wooden garage/work shop. I ask if we will be safe here and he says yes for a while. Then I see lots of light outside like an explosion. Then something happens to the building and we are exposed. End of dream.

Afterthoughts: when I woke Saturday morning I thought that I would post it later and forgot about it. Later in the morning I was checking the tv guide for any movies I want to record so I could watch later that evening. I saw one movie "Edge of Tomorrow" that looked interesting and recorded it. Yep, the dream I had was a scene in the movie. Oh and movie was boring so I stopped watching after that scene.