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Full Version: Musicians dream. 11/20/16, am
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I have no idea where this dream came from. In the dream I am watching an awards type of show. There are musicians seated in the front rows. I recognize Steven Tyler and Blake Sheldon. I recognize more, but don't remember their names. The camera is now showing Steven Tyler and I see he is wearing a long white jacket that is almost floor length. Under the jacket he is wearing a white leotard and he privates were showing. Someone said, oh no not on tv!!!! Blake Sheldon told Steven, "what shit are you on? You can't be here dressed this way". Another musician got up and said he was leaving because he didn't want his wife exposed to this type of behavior. Steven Tyler looked oblivious to what was going on. All he said was, oops wardrobe malfunction. End of dream.

Update: I just checked the tv guide for this evening and see that the American Music Awards will be on. I don't care to watch awards shows. This one I will record and watch later just to see if Steven Tyler is there and what he will be wearing. Tongue