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Full Version: Lions by the River
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Two nights ago I had a dream that I find a little perplexing.  First it starts out with me swimming under water, wishing I was able to stay under like I used to.  Then I was hiking in the country near where we live.  I came through a small wooded area to a nice sandy little sandy beach on the river - looking at it I was thinking this would be great place to have a house that I could hike down to that quiet private little beach to swim and canoe and stuff.  I walked down to the sand when I noticed what looked like it could be a cougar, but she looked up at me and she started to slowly walk towards me.  I realized she was a lionness.  I thought, okay if there's a lionness there's possibly cubs I need to back away slowly.  I look up farther down the beach and there is a lion eyeing me and starting to walk towards me.  I thought that running wouldn't be wise it might provoke him so I slowly backed away and ever so slowly turned around so my back was facing him.  My idea was that if I did that they would know I'm not a threat, I'm leaving.  I kept walking away not making any sudden movements; when I got to the edge of the wooded area where they weren't as likely to see me, I peeked back and the saw that indeed they were glancing back this way but had gone back to just doing what they were doing.  At that I thought it's too bad there are lions, this would have been a nice place to build a house.