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Full Version: Deceased mother-in-law dream, 11/23/16, am
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Here we go again with another dream about a deceased person. I'll try and make this short. Dreamed about my Ex mother-in-law who passed away 10+ years ago.

Scene 1. In the dream we are talking and are in what feels like a house but not the one she lived in when she was alive. I said to her, I came here to tell you that your eldest granddaughter is doing well and that she remembers you and tells people about you. She smiled touched my arm and said, I am very happy to hear that, thank you for letting me know.

Scene 2. The scene then changed and I am with my ex's family, his brothers and sister and their families. It's like a big family get-together. I think to myself, this must be a recent or future family get together because the ages of the people are the same as I currently see them on Facebook. I can feel the older people are missing the people in their family that has passed on. Then I see a child and think how much he looks like my ex-husband. I talk with him and help him open a box that has a beverage inside that he wants. I pour some for him into a clear glass and put it on the table and I sit with him so we can talk. Suddenly I think to myself, it's time for me to leave soon because someone is feeling me here. I see my ex-husband and he is sitting at a table with his current wife. I sit at the table next to him and he says, I am happy you are here. I say, how is your wife doing, she looks happy. He says, she is doing good, we are both well. We talk for a while and then I said, it's time for me to leave. He said, you don't have to leave. End of dream.

Afterthoughts: In the dream I thought the child was his brothers son. But, as soon as I woke up I realized the child is my Ex's son.
I didn't have a close relationship with his mother, but I did like her a lot and she liked me too. I think I mentioned this in a previous post that I was the only person with her when she passed on. Anyway, maybe that is why I still sometimes dream about her.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to not dream about certain people? When I dream about people that have passed on, I am reminded about how much I miss them.