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Full Version: Super strength high winds
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My dream included all members of my family and a new cat that recently adopted us. I had this at some point between 4-6 am on Friday, November 25, 2016.

I was asleep in bed alongside my husband. There is a large window above the bed and what woke me was the wind. It was astoundingly strong with super high winds of a hurricane/tornado strength. All the pine trees were bent over backwards and snapping off, and I saw the cat go flying by the window (hope he found a safe hiding place!). I got up and went down to the other end of the house where my kid's bedrooms are located. Windows were broken out and the wind driving through made it very difficult to reach the room. Once there, I found both of my children huddled in the walk in closet. I got them out and proceeded to take them and my husband to the basement to try to ride this out as safely as possible.

I had flashes of an exploding volcano as well, but I'm thinking that could have been my subconscious searching for a reason for these high winds. I also had other snippets of dreaming involving the Arizona Desert, Native American elders, and my family. I do not think there was a connection to the first and most vivid dream.