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Full Version: This was not my dream
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I was driving a late 1970s model car & I was following my parents who were in a similar type vehicle. We were moving. There was a laundry basket with some kitchen stuff in it (toaster, pots& pans, etc) that was on the backseat, next to a closed cardboard box. We were driving through the desert. My parents pulled over on the side of the road, but drove behind some very large boulders. Once we were behind the boulders you could not see the road at all. We stop & get out of the cars.

The father walks about 20yards away & relieves himself. I stop to chat with the mother. I think to myself that these people are not my parents (they are Native American) although there is a deep family connection that I feel. I brush the thought aside as the mother is speaking with me & is saying something about almost being there. I feel like I should know where we are going, but I don't. I smile & nod. We head back to the cars. I look in the rear view mirror. It is not me looking back. It is a young Native American woman who is around 19  or 20 yrs old. There is someone else in the mirror. I turn my  head to look in the backseat. The is a young boy there.

He is about 13yrs old, but he has a full beard & looks to be from the Aboriginal tribe. He says, please help me & then gently touches my shoulder. I saw everything he saw in my minds eye in just the few seconds he touched me.

He was one of the many star children sent to earth to observe & report back. But the star children were being ruthlessly hunted down & killed, by who I do not know. Apparently, when we pulled over, we inadvertently happened upon a death ceremony to kill this child. All I remember is there were 3 fires in a triangular pattern and he was in the center of these 3 fires. My car had pulled In front of one of these fires which allowed him to escape. I looked at him to confirm what he had showed me. He licked is right thumb and brushed it over the back of his left hand near his thumb to remove the dirt. The 3 stars of Orion appeared & shone just like they did in the night sky. I knew I had to help him.

I continue to follow my parents car & eventually we stop for the night at this hotel in the middle of nowhere. I get out of the car to greet my parents & my mother knows that something is up. As I am trying to explain things to her, the young boy steps out of the car. My mother panicks upon seeing him & tells me I should not have interfered &  that if the child left it would mean the end of mankind because he would tell his people of all the horrors of mankind.

I tell my mother that mankind deserves whatever fate we have in store for us, plus if we let the child go maybe he will tell that there is kindness in mankind too. My mother goes to restrain the child, but I stop her. I look a the child & nod, he disappears in a bright light. My mother looks at me in horror & asks me what have you done. I wake up at this point
Thank you so much Akwwldeflwr for posting this dream. When I read it, tears came to my eyes and it gave me big Spirit chills. What a powerful dream this was. I could feel the dream while reading it so thank you for posting.