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Full Version: Marrying Donald to Help Others
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This is a dream from about a week ago:

3 different men have proposed marriage to me, including Donald Trump.

As I debate my response, another female 'contender', dressed in a formal gown and cosmetically polished, announces to a tv audience that she can't wait for me to turn Donald down as she will then step in and marry him, and she gushes with her admiration and love for him.

I'm very annoyed with her and her posturing in the public, as I anguish in private over my decision.

I tell my closest friend that I'm not in love with any of the 3 men, and will probably turn all 3 down.
She then turns around and prepares to make a public announcement.
I'm so disappointed in her, as I trusted her to keep this to herself.

To pre-empt her announcement, I decide to marry Donald, even though I am not in love with him, as I believe I can help many others by using his money to help people. I am upfront with him, and he seems comfortable with my decision and my reasoning.