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Full Version: Evacuation dream,12/8/16
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Dreamed about preparing for an evacuation. I am walking on what looks and feels like a space station. There are people walking around going about their work. I was in a meeting where people were told to go home and prepare to evacuate. I made a comment to someone that I am not leaving my dog. I looked down and see she is standing by my side. Telepathically I heard someone say, well maybe. I said , NO! I am NOT leaving her behind.  We walk off together to prepare. I put her in a room with another dog and tell her to wait here for me. I give them both treats to eat and I leave the room.  I then go to an area where people are being given physicals. End of dream.
John Glen died today.

Julie, did you see today's dreambot run?
waining words: station probably sky december should lost fear turned father bad wild wish appears kill november awareness painting book experience contest
Whoa! John Glenn died?
Yep Yep! Sad
(12-08-2016, 10:34 PM)ThePaladin Wrote: [ -> ]Whoa! John Glenn died?
Hey TB. yes I did see that about John Glenn. I didn't think he was in his 90's. After seeing that and about a couple of earthquakes, I thought maybe that is why I had the evacuation theme in my dream.