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Full Version: Wetworks in progress
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I wasn't going to post this dream but due to the events in Turkey I've decided to go ahead and post my dream. Friday night, 12/16, I dreamt that I was in a hotel room, a very grand hotel room in a foreign city, Europe perhaps? I was on the phone in one of the bedrooms with a Russian state department official. I had the feeling he was my counterpart. I was calling him "Yuri". We were both upset because "he" had taken off and was gone. Apparently, "he" was someone we were to be keeping an eye on or protecting in some way. Yuri was just going to give me his personal code for contact when I heard the knock at the front door. I had only the first number, 5, when the door opened and a man yelled out "messenger". I went to the front room, and saw a man dressed in black, carrying a large satchel, very thin build, tall, and negro in his early 20's I would guess. He said he was sorry for being late and said the traffic was terrible. I don't know how he got in front of me but he blocked my way back into the bedroom. I knew it was a bad situation and what was coming next. He reached into his left inside pocket and pulled out a gun and shot once. It didn't hit. I was standing sideways maybe that way why. He shot again and it hit me in the ribs. I fell to the floor and was thinking "please Yuri, I hope you're hearing this".
I was seeing all this thru the eyes of a woman. I can only describe what she was wearing not so much about what she looked like. I don't know if this is directly related to what happened in Turkey, the Ambassadors assassination, but I do know that my first thoughts were "the wetwork has begun".
Thank you Gabriel. It is possible your dream is related to today's events and it is also possible it is something which may still happen. What a day for terror.