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Full Version: Flash flooding
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So I was in Steamboat springs for the weekend festivities. I had helped to return stuff to people who had put in on display. When done I went to a friends home who was having a party, the band cut their show short as the flooding had begun the band was on a floating something or other also. I snuck on and then they put out more helium balloons and we took off.

The water got so high and melted so fast it was so massive of a flood homes were eaten, people the water carved a hole in the earth where most SLO's, we almost went that we settled back down when we knew we were safe.

I Live outside of town that's why I was visiting. Seemed like summer, but rain had to have fell on snow for that much water

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Where is the location in the dream or do you live in real life?
I live in Steamboat Springs co at 7200 ft

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In another dream where I live appeared to be the sea shore even though I'm at 7000 ft.

Lots of recurring water flooding dreams.

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Well we are at about 200% of avg snowpack and it keeps coming. Hopefully it melts in a normal way.

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Well as I live in the mountains, it could have been simply a mountain town.

Dam failures seem to be happening because of the extreme precipitation.

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