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Full Version: 12-29-16 Disaster in an Asian country
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I made an intention before I began dreaming but I am not too sure how clear is was because as I was very tired.  The intention was either "what is the next big event that will happen" or" what will happen at the end of the month?"
I was with a small group of people.  We had traveled from our hotel to a town near the sea.  It was the second day were went to this town.  The area looked Asian and a little touristy perhaps.  The building  had a few order up restaurants, you could see the cooks preparing the food  from the window area you order at.  It reminded me of a small single story outdoor asian arcade/plaza building area, but think I saw an escalator as well, maybe not in the actual building but perhaps nearby.  
We knew we had a short time to be there or we would be trapped.  An event of some sort was going to take place, perhaps a volcano eruption .  At 10:00 am everything was going to shut down to prepare.  I don't know why we decided to come to the town because we were going to have a difficult time trying to find a way back to where we came if we were still there at !0:00.  We wanted to get something to eat as it might be a long time before we could eat again. We stood in line to order but it became 10;00 before we could get food.  The cooks and staff at the  little restaurants nearby were all Asian. We knew the trains would likely not be running any longer either.  On our way out, we asked if we could have a egg custard cup, there were plenty, but the lady just shock her head and began to pack up. As we were walking away, we passed a man who opened the door to a room, likely his personal room. He was leaving with 2 other men, one who as likely a teen.  I had the feeling that there was some sexual inappropriate activity going on in that room.  They too were leaving to try to escape" the event" but I thought they would also have a hard time leaving in time.  The event seemed like it was going to be a volcano eruption, though I am not 100% sure.  There was no mass panic, just worry and fear of not being able to get out of the area.
When I read the title of your post I felt/saw the ground shaking/rolling and it felt like a natural disaster.