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Full Version: Jinni
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01/04/2017 AM
Location: Unknown town
Mood: exuberant
Description: I am a 13 -16 year old girl, about five feet tall, about one hundred pounds, dark hair in a pony tail and I am apparently fearless. I am wearing black clothes covered by a hooded cape and tennis shoes. I am American!

It is the dark hours of the night. I am playing hide and seek with jihadist soldiers. They just don’t know it! All over town I have dashed out from small dark nooks and crannies to throw my little weapons. I see the men fall as I speed on to my next location. They have been trying to catch me for weeks. They think I am a Jinni! I have killed over fifty men with hits between the eyes.

In the daytime I hide in the places they are staying. They never see me in daytime. They are terrified.

My weapon is fear, little steel bearings about the size of BBs and small smoke bombs from an old magic shop. My throwing arm is powerful and deadly and I never miss! I can crack a skull from thirty feet away and kill at anything less.

Sometimes I get the balls from old tools in an abandoned junk yard. Tomorrow I have to see if I can get some from the US Army people that are fighting on the other side of town. Maybe they can order some from Amazon in bulk. Maybe they can get some more smoke bombs too. I will make them think I am doing a school project.

The American people have no idea who the “Jinni” is but they love him!

I see the man, I throw the smoke bomb, I step out of the dark, throw the ball, hit him between the eyes, he goes down dead and I take off running to the next spot. I win again!!!
I take it that this is America, a small town, and people are battling Jihadists on home territory?

But gotta appreciate that Amazon is still delivering! Maybe you could get the needed "supplies" by drone.... Big Grin