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Full Version: Facial cuts from perceived trusted friend
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I was with a group of co-workers and we were celebrating or honoring a female member of our group. My sense was she held a security position. Everyone was happy and the female honoree shyly smiled. We teased her and chased her a bit, and she curled up within a very small object, like a small cube with some openings so she could see out. The room and the background was white and/or filled with light. As she looked out from her cube we playfully squirted foam at her, similar to silly string, but more like silly foam or perhaps shaving cream. The foam hit her in her eyes and face and everyone laughed. One of the guys pulled out another gag toy to use and I looked it over to see what it was: a long skinny silver rod about the length of a toothbrush, with a sharp 90 degree edge on 1 end. Curious, I ran the sharp edge over the back of my hand, and was alarmed to see it break my skin, although I did not feel any pain. I exclaimed that we could not use this 'toy' in the game as we did not want to hurt her. The others were excited though and ignored me. I loudly tried to dissuade them from using the toy, but I was ignored. The honoree came out of her cube, and a male whom she trusted took the toy and went to her. He smiled, she smiled, neither paying any attention to me or my objections. I turned around to leave; I did not want any part of this. He took the toy and begin to drag it through the skin of her face. She didn't seem to feel the pain either, as he repeatedly scraped her face. Her smile turned to horror though as he finished and she felt her face, now full of small cuts all over, and she began to scream.

This dream was very disturbing to me and I did not want to log it, but did so for the dreambot run.

The cutting tool resembled a curette and the cutting is called curettage:
[Image: search?q=curette&rlz=1CAACAO_enUS659US65...Ds_Q4fM%3A]
Wow Iris! Yes, it is very disturbing. I am sorry you had to experience it.
first thought Do you know someone that is considered to have "lost Face"?

lose face
to not maintain your reputation and the respect of others The sales manager lost face with his customers when he continually promised items he couldn't deliver.
Opposite of: save face
Good question, I will have to give that some thought.