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Full Version: Plane Crash
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Had this dream on 1/30/2017

In the dream,  I was walking some place with another woman. We seemed to be good friends and had both dropped our children off at daycare earlier and were going to pick them up and as we walked we laughed and talked. We heard a plane off in the distance but thought nothing of it until the sound became so loud it was hurting our ears, and we looked up and there was a giant plane in the sky flying very low. It looked much like a large Boeing airplane and half of it was black with glowing red cracks. It was crashing in the direction we were walking and I felt such a panic because my children were up ahead in the city! I felt like it would crash between or at the daycare and some sort of government building. The lady and I stood dazed not knowing what to do until we heard the crash, and then just seconds later this huge black cloud billowed up and began to come towards us. I grabbed the woman's hand and we ran into a tunnel. We ran right into the middle of it, hoping the cloud would pass us by, but it didn't and  both ends of the tunnel started to fill with the black dust, there was an opening across from us, but we couldn't outrun the dust, so I screamed for her to hold her breath and held her hand tight as we ran as fast as we could into a wooded grassy area. I couldn't hold my breath for much longer and the cloud/dust was burning my eyes. I fell to the grass and pulled her down with me hoping that maybe we could get a tiny breath of air if we stayed low, but it didn't seem to help.

I Popped out of bed gasping for air when I awoke then fell back to sleep to have another dream.
Were the glowing red cracks fire?
Thanks for posting this as my daughter recently had a dream I posted about planes crashing and fires after the crashes.
Eek. Another one related to seeing planes fall out of the sky (ie. not in the plane yourself). Have you ever had premonition dreams that happened before Elyse?
Twiceblessed, yes, I think they were fire. I felt like maybe there was an explosion on the plain that caused the crash. And, Dreambotcomments, I've had several premonition dreams that did happen before. More recently my dreams have been personal and I haven't shared as many, but this dream and another came out of the blue and worried me a bit.