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Full Version: Two-Thirds Boxed in Worlds
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This was the other dream I had on 1/30/2017:

In this dream I was in a huge church-like building. I was in the center which looked triangular. There were no doors out of this building, but doors to the left and right of me with "outside worlds" that LOOKED to be outside, but FELT like it was still enclosed in this building. In front of me there was one more door leading out. There was an aisle leading to it with pews on both sides leading to a pedestal. The door was hidden behind a curtain. There were a few people on the pews holding prayer beads and praying diligently, but other than those few, the room was very empty. It seemed like there were a couple of men watching. I felt they were Muslim. After standing about looking confused, one of them grabbed me by the arm and told me that since I wasn't making my way to the place I belonged, he would choose a place for me. I was dragged into the room/world to the right. It was bright and pretty outside. I saw lots of different men and women. All different races and religions. All in different clothes. I made some friends there and thought it was a nice place. But I knew that I wasn't truly free and though I could do what I wanted here, I felt trapped and out of place. I knew that I was boxed into this world and I wanted out OR I at least wanted to explore my other options. The door back into the room was guarded by that Muslim man. I wondered if this enclosed area was a temporary paradise and if it would be bombed or destroyed killing everyone in it. I wanted to know what else was in this building, so I snuck past the guard and made my way back into the room with the aisles. I was captured by another Muslim guard and taken to the room to the left. It was much like the first world, only not quite as bright and diverse. Most women were covered here and there were guards watching all over. I felt like it was very creepy and just quietly explored a bit. I found a spot on a beach behind a huge bolder and watched the waves of the ocean go in and out and crabs moving around... then noticed a very sweet Muslim couple. A woman wearing her hijab and a tall, thin man with her. They held hands and talked. He kissed her softly. I thought it was very sweet, but then I looked over and saw a guard watching them very closely. It gave me chills. I wondered if maybe this world and the people in it would be destroyed too.  I didn't think the guard could see me behind the bolder, so I felt a little more at ease, but started to wonder again. What was behind the curtain in the third room? I noticed there were a few more people in the pew room when I had come into the world to the left... and I felt like there was some sort of ceremony that people were waiting for. Maybe the third room wasn't a room, but an exit? Maybe all the people that had settled for the first or second room would be trapped and the reason so many were waiting in the aisle was for a way out? I mean, if they were waiting, it must be something worth waiting for. So, I snuck back into the room with the pew and aisles. The room was full now. I stood and watched some people rocking and praying while clinging to their prayer beads. One man stood and gave a speech at the pedestal, but I cant remember what was said. I do know, though, that everyone in that room thought all of their dreams were coming true and they were being led into the promise land. After the speech, hallelujahs were shouted and a line formed by the curtain. There was another Muslim man there. He was giving pieces of paper out to each person in the line. Most of the people looked over joyed and bounced right into the door behind the curtain. There was an older man in front of me who slipped the man giving out paper some money. The man with the paper asked him what he wanted to be and the man said he wanted to be rich and live in a mansion and listed the things he wanted. The paper-slip man gave a sort of chilling, greasy smile to him and said sure, wrote everything down on the piece of paper and sent the man on his way. When it was my turn I asked if I got to pick what I wanted to be, and the man said "no". He looked me up and down, grabbed my face and checked my eyes and mouth... then said that I was strong and healthy. I would have children and be a housewife. I got so mad. I wanted to be an artist or something. What was the point of waiting for a new wonderful world if I was just going to be a housewife again. I've already done that. I begrudgingly took the piece of paper and followed another man into the door... but there was no world behind that door. It was a scary freaking dungeon. There were iron cages with naked men, women, and children, dirty and starving to death. Some sort of iron beds that almost looked like old hospital beds... women were being strapped down into them and raped. Chains on the wall where people were being chained with their arms up and whipped until there were bloody gashes all over them. When I saw this I screamed and tried to turn back, but the man with me held me firmly in place, in a long line... and as my mind raced I thought this was it. This was how I was going to die... but once I died at least I would be out of this dungeon and not trapped in a boxed in world.

I woke up very upset and the only thing I could think was "two-thirds".
What a ghastly dream you had to suffer. If you have been watching the news I bet that is what caused this since there has been so much talk about Muslims lately. Hope you get a better dream tonight.