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Full Version: Another French attack ?
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Weird dream but aren’t most of them? Walking around in a hot humid area, that looks a lot like Paris or Quebec City? Very French or attempt at being French. Many shops look familiar, like Sarasota? In any case the fronts of the shops start blowing out. I fall backwards and while staring at stars I wake up. No sound, no one I recognize.
Could it have been Montreal? I only ask because a few days ago I was at yoga and out of the blue really loudly I suddenly heard "Montreal!!!"... I had no idea what it was about at all. Nothing at all going on in my life or the news that seems at all related. Sometimes I'll get some random piece of something big before it happens, with no context though. In hindsight I'll go "holy smokes!!!" and know it was related.
Well something that may not have made the news in Canada, as myself having been born and lived there much of my life I know how well some news is filtered. ISIS has made threats to retaliate against a Canadian Target for the recent attack by an apparent lone gunman? All you have to do is look at the consistent tit for tat violent play outs in the Middle East between some basic Muslim groups and even basic ideological divides to know something is coming and likely sooner than later.