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Full Version: The messengers
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Two dreams over two nights, 8Feb2017 and 9Feb2017.
No intentions set for either night.

First dream: I'm in the body of someone else, a woman dressed in armor that's a cross between chain mail and Xena, Warrior Princess leathers. This woman is carrying a shield and a sword that would make Conan the Barbarian envious. She is striding down the center of a street. Very purposeful. I'm aware of her thoughts and she is entirely focused on her work, her mission, her assignment. I'm also aware that there are three others with her. They are walking in step with one another, with her taking point, two behind her, and one bringing up the rear in sort of a diamond formation. She is dressed entirely in white and her sword and shield are also white. The others are dressed similarly to her, in armor and carrying shields and swords, but each has a different color: black, red, and yellow/gold. They do not speak. They take no notice of the people around them, who have definitely noticed them and are taking photos with their phones. They approach the sentry building next to the fence surrounding the White House. By now there's a crowd forming but keeping their distance. I think this will likely make the evening news, if it's a slow news day. The woman hears my thoughts but does not respond. She is focused solely on her task.

A man in a uniform and holding a weapon steps from the sentry building. He orders the group to halt. They do, holding their shields and their swords by their sides in what I gather is their version of a non-threatening stance. The woman tells the military person that they are there to speak with the one who leads. I think, Oh that ought to go over well. The soldier apparently agrees with me because he tells them to stand down. The woman tells him they are not there to harm anyone but they will speak with the one who leads. In unison, they raise their shields and snap their swords into position, held in front of them. The gates to the White House swing open. Welp, I think, we're now up to breaking news on pretty much all the networks. The group steps off and moves in stride towards the WH. The soldier opens fire. Bullets bounce off an invisible shield surrounding the group. They ignore the uproar behind them and continue on their way. When they reach the WH, they separate, each taking up a position on a side of the building. The white warrior stands before the main entrance of the WH and says, not raising her voice, that she is there to speak with the one who leads. Doors burst open and more soldiers and armed people burst out, shooting at her. She doesn't move. Bullets never touch her. She waits for the shooting to stop, then repeats her statement, adding that she is aware that attempts are being made to relocate the one who leads and that will not be allowed, that she will speak to the one who leads, and they have six hours to present that person. Then she, and I know the others are doing the exact same thing at the same time, slams her sword, point-first, into the sod and kneels down on one knee as if praying. I know she's meditating because her thoughts are nothing more than a hum in our shared mind. I can also see strands of colored light all around the WH-white, red, black, and yellow-and I know the entire building is inside a sphere that will allow no one to enter or leave. I can hear the crowd outside the WH growing louder, sirens, and even helicopters. It's total mayhem out there but calm here.

After what I assume is six hours of complete non-movement from her but plenty of movement outside the shield that seems to be around the entire scene, she raises her head, then stands. She pulls her sword from the ground and holds it at her side, and repeats that she will speak with the one who leads. A man, surrounded by armed people, strides from the WH towards the woman. He stops when he gets about six feet away. Before he can speak, she says she knows he is not the one who leads, that she will speak only to the one who leads. The man blusters at her but she ignores him and proceeds towards the WH.

Scene jumps. She has sheathed her sword and now has a blubbering, begging man by the shirt front and is dragging him behind her. Her companions also have people, men, by the shirt fronts and are dragging them as well. They pay no attention to anyone, not the armed soldiers, not the crowds, no one, as they move in step towards the open gate. They leave the grounds of the WH, dragging the men with them. A fog forms across the street and they stride into the fog. The fog closes behind them. Dream ends.

Second dream, a continuation of the first dream.

The white warrior steps from the fog, still holding on to the man's shirt front but this time he's at least walking with her. I don't need to look to know the other three are right with her, in that diamond formation of theirs. It feels like it's the same day but hours have passed. There is still a huge crowd outside the WH, and enough news' vans that surely some of them are from foreign news' agencies. They stride up to the sentry building. Again, an armed military person steps out and points his weapon at the group, along with a bunch of others this time, including some officers. She releases the man and gives him a slight push forward. She tells the military types that they have kept their word, that the people have not been harmed, and they are now being returned. Then she executes a smart about face and the group proceeds to retrace their steps, with her pulling up the rear. The fog is still there, as if waiting for them. There are people trying to touch the fog but no one can seem to get near enough to do so. The group approaches the fog, then halts. She peels off and I get a sense she's asking me where she should go to be heard. I tell her she needs to go to the news' people, they would love to talk to her. She seems to understand what I mean and heads directly to the area where the news' types are congregated. Sure enough, when they realize she's coming towards them, they practically kill themselves jockeying cameras and reporters for the best position to get her on camera. She stops and waits for the hubbub to settle a bit. I wonder what she has to say because I have no idea what happened after they entered the fog.

When everything calms down enough for her to speak, she stares straight ahead as if all the lights, cameras, and microphones didn't exist. I am the messenger, she says, and I was tasked with delivering a message. I have done so. Now I must deliver another message. Your leaders were offered the opportunity to turn their backs on the path they have chosen. They chose to continue their path. Therefore, what was a possibility has become an eventuality and my message to the people of this land and for all the lands on this world is to prepare yourselves. Prepare yourselves as best you can for the path that has been chosen for you for soon enough your world will change.

Then she turns, rejoins her companions, and they all disappear into the fog again. Once again, dream ends and I wake.


I wasn't the warrior. Mostly I got the feel I was witnessing something that was occurring so I could tell others. I will say I was struck by her calm confidence in herself. She knew exactly what she was doing, knew what she was capable of doing, and she intended to accomplish the task set before her. She had no fear, just a quiet determination. She was aware of me, as I was aware of her. I don't know if the others also had observers, like me, but I knew the four of them had worked and trained together. They each had a role to play but when they worked together, they were like the proverbial well-oiled machine.

The colors and positions reminded me of the compass points on various medicine wheels.

I don't remember ever having a dream that was a two-parter over two nights. If I have had one, it's so rare that I don't remember the last time I did have one.

I know there were some other thoughts I had but they've escaped me at the moment.
Prepare yourselves as best you can for the path that has been chosen for you for soon enough your world will change.

Couldn't be said any more succinctly than that. Thanks for posting those DLP.