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Full Version: 2/10/2017 6:42am Birds falling
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First scene, I see flocks of bird, the first flock is of blackbirds or crows. I am in the midwest and the birds are flying over a cornfield. The birds suddenly fall from the sky. I get freaked out about there being a flu or something in the air and I run into the farm house.

Next scene, I am sitting in a park on a bench in a major city, the layout looks like the downtown financial district of San Francisco, Ca. There are pigeons on the ground in front of me cooing and walking around bobbing their heads, suddenly birds start hitting the ground like bombs. The rest of the pigeons try to fly away but start jerking and convulsing, most dye quickly. I jump to my feet and run away.

Last scene, I am sitting on a beach and I can hear the sound of the seagulls fighting over food. The long screeching sound of the seagulls flying above and all around me. My eyes are fixed on the sun as it is setting into the water. The light looks like a golden disc. The sky turns gold and pink. I am watching the wavy colors of gold and orange dance on the waters surface as if in a daze I can not seem to look away.

I hear a thud, and then a few more, my attention is now on the thudding noises, which turns out to be seagulls, laying dead all around me on the rocks and the beach. There is an albatross, and a California Condor, all birds of all shapes and sizes are falling dead where ever they are. I begin to cry uncontrollably.

I yell out "MAKE IT STOP"... I feel myself being gently rocked awake. I open my eyes expecting to see someone standing at my bedside waking me, but no one is there. I am alone.
That wasn't a a good dream. Sad

Some over laps of your dream.
On 11/19 I have this in my intuition journal...

"sense dark bird or birds. At first it seemed like a midair collision but then shifted to just one in the air but in trauma, losing all of its feathers." Then it went into something about the future will try to mimic the past and something about 3 kinds of chaos.

On 1/30 I was driving and had an out of the blue sudden sense of a black bird in the sky in some kind of trauma loosing its feathers and falling from the sky. I heard "It's time now." It reminded me of the same bird thing I saw in November.

This second time when I saw it I started thinking it may be some kind of representative symbol of the airplanes thing I was picking up on (though I've also seen planes).

Given two other people recently had dreams about planes and now two people had dreams of birds falling from the sky (this one feeling like they were bombs) I wonder if these birds could actually represent planes falling from the sky? Though now I am also wondering if the birds I saw are actually birds afterall and something is going to happen to birds and the bird images are not related to planes at all.
Wow dreambot... that made my head spin! LoL
I am also wondering about airplanes. I posted my daughter's dream about airplanes falling from the sky recently.

Bird flu news.
Or if the earth's magnetic poles shift, it might mess with birds in flight.
My dream was about birds falling from the sky not planes. In my case the birds I remember were ducks and maybe crows.

Anyway what I thought was the moon, (though it was daytime and everyone looked up in awe at the moon/planet/whatever and people said look at that what is it. It crossed the sky and then things went crazy as it moved back at in an odd pattern.

So the last comment about the pole shift might fit as opposed to nibiru. If the pole shifted and the earth rotated to gain alignment with the solar systems magnectic field (as are not the planets all in a plane - possibly held in that plane via magnetism) then the earths poles having a rapid reversal could cause its alignment to shift and as its initial shift would be from north to south, then when it got closer it could require more fine tuning as it settled into its place in the solar systems plane.

It could also be that the shift caused by a change in magma flow causes the whole crust to move.

I really have no idea it was just a startling dream, on my part. If the magnetic field also collapsed for a moment it could cause the flying bird to be exposed to more interstellar radiation killing them quicker.

Who knows.

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With the bird and plane dreams and now today's dreambot run, I wonder if things are connected. Maybe a birdstrike brings down a plane? Whatever it is, it appears a lot of people are picking up on it.
Well in mine we all looked up at the moon(what I thought it was at first) midday, which is in the run. Don't know, one of those dreams I remember.

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The article shrugs it off as a dangerous highway, but dozens all at once? Something bad is afoot....

And this particularly disturbs me, as I have always loved owls, and recently discovered that there is a Great Horned Owl on my property. I've named him Hootie, which he probably hates, but I love that owl. Big Grin
This world is becoming very strange....

Hundreds Of Flying Foxes Cooked Alive In Australia's Heat Wave
The new Vikings' stadium is a bird death-trap. The birds are flying into the reflective glass, thinking it's the sky, and dying.
(02-10-2017, 10:09 AM)Windy Wrote: [ -> ]First scene, I see flocks of bird, the first flock is of blackbirds or crows. I am in the midwest and the birds are flying over a cornfield. The birds suddenly fall from the sky. I get freaked out about there being a flu or something in the air and I run into the farm house.

While driving on the highway through Alabama, C2C listener 'Luftwaffles' was forced to pull over to the side of the road when he spotted this unsettling scene: dozens of dead blackbirds scattered in the snow. Any theories as to what may have caused the odd die off?

Story and photos are on facebook only.
I guess pigeons are next.
Wonder what this means. Is it a marker for something? A result of something?
The canary in the coal mine??

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