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Full Version: Hancuffed by a Calendar
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A man of, I felt, Korean nationality wanted to show me a date/entry in a paper calendar open to February but found it to be taped shut with clear packing tape. While trying to open the calendar further his hands got stuck in the tape between the pages as though handcuffed.
And the top two words in the botrun today NASTY CALENDAR

Interesting that you felt there was a Korea connection. Is something going to happen in February concerning N Korea that will change everything?
The thing about that dream was that it had nothing to do with me personally as most of my dreams do.
Funny you say that because even though I've had traveling dreams a lot, the whole chase thing was unusual for me. When you made that connection with Fear the Walking Dead, I thought how weird because I almost NEVER have dreams that are the big sweeping drama kind. Even though I'm a big fan of ghost shows, and psychic things (LOVE Stranger Things!), I NEVER watch the zombie shows. They have absolutely no appeal for me.

Your dream really stood out for me.
PYONGYANG, North Korea -- In an implicit challenge to President Donald Trump, North Korea fired a ballistic missile early Sunday, February 12  (7:55 AM) in its first such test of the year.

Anyway, so he did that and now we wait to see if Trump, or some other country, will do something to tie Kim's hands so he can't 'set a date for another one'....or maybe Trump will get another country to do it for him.