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Full Version: Authorities Tracking All Children
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The authorities were tracking down the children. Using some type of light, or perhaps a laser, the white light would seek out a child and when the light fell upon a child the light would turn blue. Our son was fleeing through the woods and we were anxiously watching, although it felt more like we were watching with our minds thru esp rather than through physical observation. We could 'see' the light turn blue and we mentally shouted to him that he'd been spotted, and he continued to evade the authorities. In reality our son is 30, in this dream he was under 12. All children were being tracked, not sure if the intent was to eliminate them all or re-train to authorities liking,

The dream focus then turned to us in our home. The authorities were coming towards us and we knew they would next search our house. Knives were not legal, and as I glanced around the kitchen I spotted a small meat boning knife (specifically Chicago Cutlery) on the counter, and I grabbed it and tucked it under the throw rug that was on the floor just up to the edge of the cabinets. As our home was searched, the leader talked with us; he knew us before he was in this position, so he said he would be lenient as he leered at us. He spotted the bulge in the rug, and withdrew the knife with glee. We could be executed for having the knife but he implied he'd get us off on a lesser charge.

My sense was this was a simpler lifestyle, devoid of personal electronics such as phones and televisions. We were living in a small simple wood-frame house near a woods. I did not sense any neighbors nearby.
What a scary dream Iris! But unfortunately seems to be tracking with a lot of other dreams where our society has changed for the worse.