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Full Version: Alternate Reality
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I dreamed I was out of town, working as a senior consultant on a multi-year project for a Fortune 500 company. The hotel was adjacent to, or perhaps part of, the corporate office. I had overslept and was still in my pajamas with sleep tousled hair, and was in the hotel lobby/corporate office. A meeting was about to start, and I anxiously scouted around for the showers. No one seemed surprised by my appearance, but I certainly wanted to cleanup before the meeting.

I found the company showers, but as I wandered thru looking for an open shower, I saw that each shower cubicle was now in use as an office with someone sitting at a desk in each one. I walked quickly through the property, trying to find my hotel room. I ran out of time and the meeting was about to start. I proceeded to the office, and opened the door to the office floor. Instead of the offices I had expected, an entirely different office configuration existed. As co-workers talked to me, I asked where the meeting was, as I was not familiar with the office layout, and felt I was now in an alternate reality. Again, no one was surprised at my appearance, in fact they acted as though it was entirely normal, or perhaps just irrelevant. Someone pointed out faded colored tape on the floor, and said to follow the yellow tape. There were also blue tape strips to follow elsewhere.

When I work up the sense of an alternate reality was so vivid that I had to take a look outside to see if the neighborhood had remained the same! Thankfully, it appeared the same. lol. Smile Rolleyes Shy