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Full Version: Being held captive dream, 2.17.2017
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It’s been a while since I’ve remembered a dream. This one is another code theme. There were several people in the dream so I gave them fictitious names to keep the telling a little shorter. The dream takes place in the home of one of my co-workers. In waking life I’ve never been to her home.

Co-worker: Susan
Co-workers sister: Ann
Co-workers boy child: Steve
Co-workers girl child: Becky
Lead perpetrator: Stanley - spy comes to mind when I think about Stan.
2nd perpetrator: Philip - he would follow orders even if it meant his death.
Cult leader: Joshua - he is in this for the power and money.
Cult member: Miranda - she is not sure she wants to stay in the cult.

I find myself in front yard of the home of Susan. I look around at the country side and see the homes are far apart, like each is on 3+ acres of land. I know the property next door is a cult and see people walking around. I walk into Susan's house and see two men I don’t think should be there. Susan is at work and her sister Ann is child sitting Susan’s two children Steve and Becky.

I look around the room and see two men that look very serious. The lead guy Stan asks me, “what is the code”. I tell him, “I don’t know where it is”. He says, “what is the code”. I say, “I don’t know the code, maybe I should call Susan and ask her”. My thoughts right now are, I will call Susan and ask her the code to get in Reyna's bedroom. Reyna is her deceased dog so that should clue her in that something is wrong at her house and she will call the police. I pick up a phone and notice that Stan is holding a phone too and will listen to my conversation with Susan. I am now scared about what Susan will say. When I call I’m told that she is not at her desk. I hang up the phone.

I don’t like Stan and Philip because they would kill to get what they want. They are not honorable and what they are doing is all about money, the money they will make if they get the code. They will kill us all once they get the code.

Ann walks to the door with Steve and Becky. She tells Stan she is going outside to walk the children. Stan gets up to stop her and she says, “now where can I run with two children, we won’t get far before you catch us”. She walks outside with the children. There is a work/utility truck in the driveway and Ann opens the door and the children get inside. She jumps in after them and drives off. I am so happy they are able to get away and hope she gets help soon.

Stan is furious and Stan, Philip and I walk outside. Then I notice it’s getting dark out and when I look across the street there are group of people there. We walk over and see that it’s the people from the Cult. They said they decided to occupy this property instead of where they were before. I am thinking this is perfect, I will be able to get away with so many people around.

Next I am talking with a dark haired woman named Miranda and we are walking along the side of the road. I ask her if she has a car and she says yes pointing to a white car. I tell her I need to leave and need her car. She says she is thinking about leaving the cult. I tell her I will drive if she gives me the keys. She takes them out of her pocket and then I hear Philip behind me saying, “where do you think you are going?”

Dang, Philip is watching me, now what will I do? I say, “we are just out for a walk, we’re going back”. At this point I look across the street and see a trailer park. There are two men hooking a boat up to a truck. They look at us and ask if we are ok and do we need help. I said, “no, we are just out for a walk.” He said, “ok then, let me know if you need anything”.

We walk back to the group of cult people and they are doing some kind of prayer dance. Then I notice 5 or 6 people dressed in SWAT outfits. I am so happy they have arrived. Then I realize that I am the only one that knows they are SWAT. To everyone else, they see them as dressed in plain clothes. I get close to the SWAT leader and he says, we need to get both the cult leaders and the perpetrators who kept you captive. This won’t take long, just act like you don’t know who we are. End of Dream