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Full Version: 2/17/2017 8:40am Car Crash
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I am walking through a cement walkway just off of the highway overpass, I see my current real life rental car (Gray mustang Convertable) turned upside down and leaning against another car. Everything with both cars is completely destroyed, they look like they were dropped from an airplane. I have a memory of driving the car and getting into an accident as I look over the damage.

I go over to a make-shift house made of old wooden roofing tiles, and I slide into the hidden door. On the outside, this house looks like part of the woods. On the inside, there are brick walls and a fireplace but no roof. It begins to rain and I am trying desperately to keep my five children dry. My husband walks out the door (he is divorcing me)... I would like to note here that this part of the dream does not match my real life, so this part is someone else's life.

I was trying to shake this dream really hard after waking up because I woke up late and had meetings all day today. I was extra careful when driving due to the rain because of this dream.

Upon getting onto the freeway to head out to my last client meeting there on the side of the onramp is a gray ford mustang convertible flipped upside down on top of a blue car, and both cars landed on a homeless encampment that was on the side of the road. I am gonna go watch the news now and see if there were children hurt in this accident today.

I was so careful i was 45 minutes late for my last appointment of the day.
Oh Wow Windy!