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Full Version: hard times?
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a very long dream and much does not reside in my brain right now..

anyway the part which woke me was,

we were the president was staying, trying to get a message to the president, writing it on the windows/mirror. We hid to escape being caught... some stayed to write the message.

I do not know if its a second dream or a continuation the same dream. but i returned to where my son was selling donuts with another to collect the leftover donuts. another two individuals came to do so and took what i hoped for before me. a confrontation ensued, i stood up for myself, left with my few donuts.. the one with the least followed me from one side of the massive hotel to the other. i complained to a manager on the other side of the hotel that they should be fired for not being at work on the other side. that irritated him.

I found a knife , carefully picked it up while walking to family and when surprise of my actions was certain, i put the knife to his throat and warned him to leave me alone. there were more details but in hind sight, it seems like rom my actions to acquire food that life/ the economy is hard/ a tough spot in the dream.