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Full Version: People on the move
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22 Feb 2017
No intention set

Mostly a snippet, just a quick scene that felt like a glimpse:

I'm hiking with a fully packed backpack on my back. I'm moving at a good pace. A sense of needing to get as far away from the city as possible. I'm hiking through woods. I see other people, also carrying packs and moving quickly. Some are carrying semi-automatic rifles at the ready. I'm not with those people but it feels like we all know what's happening and we have the same purpose in mind: Getting distance between us and whatever's happening. No one talks. All effort is focused on hiking over the rough terrain. I don't know what's happened, only that something has and it's imperative to get as far away from the city as I can as quickly as I can. I had to leave the cats behind but somehow I know they're okay, that my husband will get them to us whenever we meet up. I hope my kids are on the move. I wasn't able to reach them, to give them the warning to bug out ASAP, before I left.