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Full Version: Dreamed of dreaming a previous dream
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So I dreamed that a previous dream I had (me being in Miami with some other woman as friends, whom I got separated from, and then all heck broke loose, flooding I think, and was struggling on how to get back home to my family in Colorado).

So I did not know how the dream related to me as I don't have any plans to visit Florida nor how I would be going with some younger woman. Anyway through something I won tickets to go to a basketball game in the new dream, with some organization group, I do not know the connection.

While traveling from Boulder (used to live in Boulder no longer) to the airport in Denver, I realized that what I had dreamed before was essentially playing out in real life now. I wanted to not go on this wild ride but how to get off was my question. I did not want to end up so far away from my family and everything I had and stuck there. The dream seemed to think that the previous dream was unfolding to the t in the new dream and I wanted off that ride.

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Another Florida dream with water. Hmmmm, this seems to be getting as pervasive as the plane dreams. Thanks for posting this dream of a dream (which I do find fascinating).
I almost think the dream I was dreaming of was actually previously dreamed (by me), though I am not sure. Have had a lot of dreams about not wanting to be near the coast line. My son also awoke to a bad dream, but would not share it, I am guessing it was the earth changes variety, as we had been talking about global warming and how I am not sold on it as the earths magnetic field is due for reversal, so on and so forth.

With how many of those types of dreams I have recently had it makes me wonder. based upon what I have seen I am guessing in the fairly near future something will come to pass, if that is actually what is going on.

Though, based upon life circumstances, I wonder, if it the thought/dream process is that in my day residue of wondering/pondering how much of an impact the mind has on reality, if that was the hidden message... but who knows as it was the dream I awoke to at a relatively normal time.

By the way, I pretty much post every dream I somewhat remember here.