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Full Version: Jumping timelines
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This was a long, detailed dream that played out over the course of an entire night but I'm going to do a TL;DR version with just the highlights because the dream was so long and detailed.

I started the dream in a timeline where the world was dying. Constant war for decades and utter disregard for the planet were slowly killing the world and everyone on it. I knew it wasn't my timeline and no idea why I was there until I saw some good friends who were living completely different lives than what they live in this timeline. The husband was a neurosurgeon and he was assigned to some space age looking ship that looked like a cross between an Imperial Cruiser from Star Wars and an aircraft carrier. The ship was sunk, all hands lost. The wife was a bitter, angry woman who found solace in alcohol. Other changes were her parents were both long dead and there were no children. My spouse was also in the dream but he was similar to how he is now.

Then I was dropped into another timeline, one that felt like I was over 30 years into the past. I'm walking along the side of a road, not knowing where I'm supposed to go or what I'm supposed to do but knowing I would find out sooner or later...somehow. A car, a metallic emerald green with black vinyl top 1969 Nova SS, pulled up next to me, driver rolled down the window and asked if I needed a ride. It was my spouse, 30+ years younger than he is now, and completely different in personality. Spouse is a quiet, calm, steady person. This version of him was outgoing and an adrenaline junkie, and he decided I was the most interesting thing to happen to him in a while so he was going to hang around and help me, so I'll just call him "Bob."

We're sitting in a church, reminded me of Episcopalian churches I've attended in the past. We sit through the service. I scoped out the congregants and Bob fidgeted until I elbowed him in the ribs. When the service was over, he disappeared to get a cup of coffee and I went outside. He joined me and we stood there, watching the congregants leave the church. I saw my friend, the wife(going to call her "w" for brevity's sake). Younger and dressed up. She was alone. Then I saw my other friend, the husband(who will now be called "h" ) and he looked like I had known him when he was younger. Problem was, neither of them were supposed to be in this place at this time, based on their lives in my timeline. Long story short, with Bob's help, I managed to get my friends squared away and on their way to meeting each other in the place where they met in my timeline. For some reason, that was important to straightening out things that had been done to screw up the timelines. When I did that, I woke.


The spouse actually owned a 69 Nova SS in those colors when we met. He doesn't have it now, which is his one big regret. I told him he was quite the adventurous extrovert and downright fun in my dream. He laughed at the idea but said he'd take the car back. Big Grin

My friends have been married and unbelievably happy for over 30 years. They have a daughter they cherish, whom I have watched grow into an amazing adult over the years. Seriously, look under "Happily ever after" and a picture of these two would probably be there.

Most of what happened in the dream has been skimmed over but I knew throughout the dream that I was there to help put things right for that timeline. It may seem outlandish that shifting the lives of one couple could change the world but think about the butterfly effect: It's not out of the realm of possibility that small changes could have great effects over a period of time.

This was what I call a "working dream," in that I feel like I was called on to do work that I could not do in my waking state.