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Full Version: Black Car - possibly precognitive
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Dream last night is reminiscent of a dream I had a few years ago where the house of some friends who we'd had a falling out with (we stopped talking to them several months before) was blackened and charred (burnt down). With that dream I had thought maybe it symbolized the couple breaking up but I found out a year later that in fact the man had died around the time I had the dream so it was one of my weird precognitive death ones.

Last night's dream is that I'm in a parking lot. I'm looking at a car - it is a shiny black small hatchback style and one of its wheels is missing. It is sitting on a white snow covered spot because it's been parked for a little while. I called my daughter and asked her what I should do and she suggested I call the dealership and ask about a new tire and how could I get that put on when it's not my car, and also to call the police and report the theft. It sounded like a good idea so I called the police. They took the details and said, it's not a theft it's a chausserism. I woke up thinking what the heck is a chausserism? I also have no idea whose car that was.

The thing is, it may be related to a collegue who is in hospital and I hope that's not the case. The other possibility is that in French a shoe is a chaussure; could it mean that one of four of us is getting the boot/shoed out? (where I live we are bilingual English and French)

I'll post if either scenarios happen or if something that would fit this comes to pass.