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Full Version: My new friend - 3-19-17
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My boyfriend and I are visiting with new neighbors. They seem like a nice couple, roughly our age, maybe a tad older. The man is showing us this huge greenhouse, with multiple levels and growing zones. I am astounded and impressed. I see a plant at my feet that looks like one we got from someone, and have no idea what it is. My BF is trying to stop me from asking the man what the plant is, and I'm not sure why.

Just then the woman asks me point blank how old I am. I waffle, and give my usual answer, "Older than dirt!". She quickly leans over me, as she's gotten really super tall, and she's in my face. She starts yelling at me "How tall am I?" over and over. I'm shrinking back and not saying much, wishing she would stop. All of a sudden she whisks over to a far corner of the dreamscape and now appears to be about the size of a 10 year old child. She shouts back at me quite amiably "Do you see? It's just a matter of perspective!". I start laughing because of course she's entirely right. Only as old as I think I am. Gotta stop saying that!

We end up in some kind of pool area, and she's telling me all sorts of interesting bits of wisdom that I wish I could remember. Big Grin