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Full Version: WW1 - Waiting for the shelling to start
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Dream last night: I was a soldier in a WW1 unit. We were all holed up in houses and we knew that out there not too far from us were soldiers on the other side, each of us waiting for the other to fire the first shot. In the dream we all appeared like black figures but we weren't it just seemed liked we were all in this scenario where on the surface we looked like shiny black rubbery plastic (can't quite describe it). In my mind I thought all the things that someone on front line would think, like is this it? Feeling impatient, and very scared at the same time. I wondered who would be next and what would be hit first. It was really quite strange. Don't even know which side I was on.

I've had past life dreams of WWII holocaust stuff, but not WW1.