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Full Version: In the mountains
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30Mar & 31Mar 2017

These are two dreams that continued the theme of people moving into the mountains.

Dream 1: At a compound located directly next to a towering mountain. Pine/coniferous trees everywhere. Cabins scattered about a central building. People moving around. Once again, I seem to be observing through someone else's eyes because the people all seem to know me but I don't know anyone. It's more a feel of being a witness to what was going on. At one point, I walked up to where the mountain suddenly jutted out of the ground. There was no gradual rise, just semi-flat ground and then a sheer cliff of granite up to the sky. As I peered towards the peak, I thought that it would be a royal pain to try and climb that mountain.

Dream 2: Again at a compound in some mountains but this one is much larger than the other one. Pine/coniferous trees but this time there's also a creek running through the compound. There are more people spread out through the wooded areas. Some people get around on golf carts, there's such a distance to cover. This time, though, I'm there as myself, not seeing through another's eyes. I watch as the entire camp scurries about, preparing for something that's coming. No one ever says what that something is and I don't know if they even know for sure. All that's clear is something big is about to happen and they have very little time to prepare for it. Yet no one is worried. Everyone knows what they are to do and how to get ready. I see someone who reminds me of my youngest sister. She has a newborn baby with her and she's just sort of wandering around as if she's unconcerned with all the activity around her. I ask her if she needs to prepare for the baby. She gives me a blank look. I ask if she has supplies for the baby. She shakes her head. I tell her I'll help her get supplies for at least a couple weeks but we have to move fast.

Jump to approaching a large building set off to one side of the compound. There's an armed man in BDUs standing outside the door, barring access. He tells me the commissary is closed for the foreseeable future. I tell him they need to open so people can finish getting ready while there's still time. Another woman joins me, and agrees with me. Several other people approach and soon there's a bit of a crowd. The armed man calls in the situation on his radio. Soon a golf cart arrives with another armed man in BDUs. I note his rank insignia and assume he's the head honcho for these people. He tells us that the decision was made to open the commissary for two hours. We could go in as long as we showed our ID to the guards, and we would be allowed to take what we could stuff into one cart. No more than that and once we were finished, we were finished. The group is the first batch inside. I tell the girl to focus on getting diapers, formula, and other baby supplies, and to fill her cart with as much as possible, and I will focus on food supplies. She nods, grabs a cart and off she goes. I have a plan and I'm an old hat at stuffing carts as full as possible so I know I'll be able to get a lot of supplies. Since I doubt the girl has anything set aside, she's going to need everything.

As everyone works, there's no conversation. The only sounds are items being tossed into carts. Everyone works fast and intentionally. There are still a lot of people who want to get in and there's so little time before it's time to hunker down and ride out whatever's going to happen.

Random notes:

My sister is well past her child-rearing days(Her kids are adults and she's a grandmother) but the girl in the dream reminded me of her when she had her first child. Not in the not being prepared aspect but in physical looks and age.

At first I thought I was on a military base, given all the people in BDUs present. Then I realized the people who served as the security and leadership wore those uniforms while everyone else dressed in civvies.

These people had obviously drilled and prepared for whatever event was about to occur. Everyone knew what they were to do and where they were to go. Actions were purposeful, not haphazard, and no discussion about what was to be done and who would do it. Everyone had a job, and that's what they did.

No one knew what was coming, but whatever it was, it didn't leave them a lot of time to prepare before hunkering down. Yet there was no fear. Just a sense of now it was time, that this was why they had come to this place.
There was a school shooting at an elementary school today in San Bernardino.  The school is near the base of a very large mountain, which is home to Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear. School's drill for shootings as do police...just a thought.

There is a photo in this link you might want to look at. It shows armed officers and the school with the mountain right next to the school.