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Full Version: Church shooting
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I had an unusual dream last night and thought I should post it.

I was in what seemed to be a church which was my church, although I did not recognize it. I was sort of singing with the choir, but a row in front of them. Much of my dream was of me singing with them. At the end, a man with a large gun entered the church. He began moving from near the alter towards the back of the church using the aisle. He moved slowly, planning who he was going to kill. My husband who was not originally next to me, was now seated in the chair beside me to my left. I knew he would be a target for the gunman, a main target. I kept watching the gunman thinking, ok, he is going to shoot us. It was important for me to try and protect my husband so I covered him with my arm and head, as best as I could. I knew we would get shot but I hoped my husband would live. I continued to cover him but then also closed my eyes, not in fear as much as just not needing to see the act happen. I felt like, "ok, this is going to happen".
I then woke up.
* there is some day residue as I was watching a program last night on TV which focused on MLK. I decided to post the dream because of the word gun in today's botrun.
I posted a dream that also involved a gun/guns.