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Full Version: Home invasion
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21 April 2017
No intention set

I'm walking through a house that's supposed to be our house. Glance out a window and see three big, burly guys dressed in full battle rattle-combat dress uniforms, body armor, helmets, the works-and holding huge automatic weapons. They don't see me, and I can hear one of them, I assumed the leader, giving them orders on how they're going to enter the house with no notice, get the drop on the target, and take her down. I hustle to find the spouse and tell him to grab the cats, head to the safe room, and call for help while I try and slow them down. He grabs the cats-who don't struggle which amazed me-and took off for the safe room. I get my .45 and settle to the floor in the entryway, facing the door. I brace my arms on my knees and wait. The door explodes open and the leader steps through, holding a battering ram. Before he can even drop the ram, I fire two shots directly into his face. He collapses. Everything is quiet. I wait for the others but I'm suddenly awake.


Our cats would not allow anyone to pick them up without a pitched struggle involving teeth and claws. They are not docile, by any stretch of the imagination, nor are they delicate little kitties. Big Grin

I really didn't plan to post this dream but I read TB9's dream about the church shooting and there was enough similarity to my dream that it felt necessary.

I was calm throughout this dream, ready to do what I had to do to defend my family. And I think my husband's call for help got through, which was why I was awakened so suddenly.