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Full Version: Evil is coming
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This is the tail end of a much larger dream. The entire dream was very dark and dreary, dank and wet.

I am on a road trying to get either home or to work. The roads are suggestive of ones near my home, semi-rural and not a lot of traffic depending on where you are. Anyway, I seem to be on an ATV, and I come up behind the scariest vehicle I've ever seen. It resembles an old cart, but enormous, and it's teeming with aliens and devils and nasties. Crawling all over it. I can see a driver sitting on a high seat at the front of the cart.

I step on it and move ahead, all the while hearing jeering and feeling what I can only call the depths of despair pulsing off of the cart and it's occupants. I get well enough in front, and I turn around only to see a much smaller cart with only the driver on it. He looks like a B movie undertaker, dirty and unkempt with a beat up stovepipe hat. He smiles at me with a mouth full of rotten teeth and shouts, "They're all in it together, ya know!" He laughs and I take off.

When I get to wherever I'm going, I'm desperately trying to tell anyone who will listen that evil is coming, and to take shelter, but no one seems to care.
How did you feel during and after the dream?
During I felt panicked, horrified, and like there was no time. It's strange that I haven't really been remembering my dreams, but this part was clear. And after I felt like it needed to be recorded.