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Full Version: Random vignettes
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5 May 2017

My dreams were a jumbled collection of different scenes that had nothing to do with one another.

1) I'm in a location I know is Seattle's Queen Ann Hill area even though it looks nothing like QAH. My father is following me around until I tell him to leave me alone. He jeers at me and I roll my eyes, then walk away.

2) In a city I know is Boise, ID, even though I don't think it looks like Boise. Lots of streets with buildings. I'm pulled off to the side of a major road. A man is telling me how to get back to the freeway. I tell him I don't want the freeway, that I need to be on highway 45. Oh, he tells me, you're on that highway right now. Just stay on it and you'll get where you want to go.

3) Walking along an isolated 2-lane road in a desert part of what feels like Arizona. I'm walking smack down the middle of the road but there's no traffic so it doesn't matter. I hear a car coming but don't stop walking, figuring they'll see me and slow down. An old car, early 60's Ford Galaxy, pulls up next to me. Driver rolls down his window. There's a woman next to him. Both are older than me and I know we know each other even though I don't recognize them. The man asks me where I'm going. I tell him I have no idea. They think that's funny and laugh. I don't, because I was serious. I have no idea how I got from Boise to the middle of nowhere in AZ, not to mention what happened to my car. They ask if I need a ride. I tell them no, that I'm good and I need the exercise. They coast alongside me and chat idly with me as I walk.

4) Still walking but now the road is winding through hilly areas. Off in the distance I see a sharp peak, like a volcanic cone, jutting up from the terrain. At the top of the peak is a carved eye. I shake my head and mutter about where's Frodo and Samwise when I need them.

5) I'm entering a national park of some sort but to get into the park, I have to cross through someone's living room. I do so, thinking it must be tough to have people traipsing through your home at all hours of the day. Get to the other side of the room and there's a doorway that leads to a stairwell. The stairs lead upwards in a spiral around the perimeter of a tower that seems to go on forever towards the sky. Oh yay, I think as I begin trudging up the stairs. There are other people on the stairs, all going down. I seem to be the only one going upwards.

6)Then I'm at the top of the stairs and there's some sort of museum/information displays set up around the room. I'm the only person in the room. There are windows all around the room so one is able to get a 360 degree panoramic view of the landscape. There are signs describing what features are seen. I stand there for a couple minutes trying to figure out what's going on but I get nothing. So I shrug and head for the nearest display. I might as well look at what's offered before I have to make that long trek down the stairs.


We lived on QAH many years ago. There were lots of trees and hills but the scenery in my dream was more like a forest interspersed with steep roads shored up with rock walls.

I've driven by Boise, ID several times. Got gas there. What little I saw of the city looked like nothing in my dream. Doing a quick search shows there's a highway 45 in Nampa, ID. Never been there, though I've driven by it as I passed through ID. There's also an interstate 45 in Houston, but don't think that's applicable in this case.

No clue about the eye carved into the mountain beyond the whole Sauron reference from the LotR books.

As for the rest of it, your guess is as good as mine. Big Grin