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My dream occurred while taking a nap yesterday afternoon.  It seems we were in a deep forest.  We came to a fort with a gate.  Inside there was a stone castle - rustic and hastily built.  It looked fairly solid.  Everyone (maybe 40-50 people, some of whom I knew, some not) was in a central gathering area.  There were loud knocks on the door.  The closed-circuit TV monitor showed a band of armed individuals (like a gang of some sort) brandishing machine guns.  Someone said, "Everyone hide!"  My mother (who died 30 years ago) and another women (who died 4 years ago) volunteered to answer the door.  One had a butcher knife tucked in her clothes, the other had a rolling pin behind her.  My mother opened a slit in the door.  A big-bellied ruffian shouted, "Let us in, or we'll kill you!"  My mother replied, "You can't kill us.  We're already dead."  End of dream!