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Full Version: Sniper? Dream. 5.11.17 am
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Saw man with rifle on what looks like a roof top. He is kneeling on one knee and has one hand on the rifle. There is a short wall around the top of the roof. The front part of the gun is on the wall. He is holding the gun with one hand. He is kneeling on one knee and he is watching the street below. He looks like he is waiting for something.

I will describe in more detail as follows.

Man: Hair is short, black and lots of grey. He is wearing something red on his head, maybe a visor or a headband. Shirt is long sleeve grey color, like t-shirt material. Vest is black and he has a watch on his wrist.

Building he is on: It feels like a tall building, maybe 2 stories at the most. The roof has a short wall around it that looks like stucco.

Building across the street: The building has one front door and it is an arched doorway. The outside of the building is a light natural tan or beige color and then it is white toward the bottom half of the building.

Name: I heard the name Robert. Not sure who Robert is.