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Full Version: Elevator dream. 6/6/17, am
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This is the 2nd dream I’ve had lately that involved elevators not working. In the dream I find myself with two other women. We are in what looks like an underground shopping mall. We are trying to leave by taking an elevator, but the doors won’t open. Someone says, we will just have to find another elevator because I want to leave. I said, ok let’s look for a service elevator, those must be working. The other two people said they will search elsewhere.

At this point I am in what feels like an industrial area. I see a service elevator and press the button and the door opens just a little. I am standing there thinking about if I should force the door open. Someone walks by and I ask about the elevator. He said, go to security and ask them. I look around the corner and see a hallway that leads to glass door that opens to the outside. I see sunlight on the other side of the doors. I walk toward the doors and look to my right and see the security office. There is a glass wall with a window. I asked if the elevators were working and he said, yes but you don’t need to take the elevators to get out of the building. You can use the doors behind you or go through the medical area.

I tell him thank you and walk back down the hallway. I tried calling the people I am with but my cell phone wouldn’t work. I am now in the mall again and start looking for the two people that I was with earlier. I find them and tell them I know the way out. They say, are you sure? I say, yes follow me. We walk for a ways and then see a medical area like an emergency department. One of the women says, wait that is a medical area, I’m not going in there. I tell her it’s ok and to follow me. We walk toward sliding glass doors and the doors open. Before we can walk through, someone says, what are you doing here? I said, we are leaving and I smiled and said goodbye. End of dream.
I find it interesting that originally you all felt you had to ascend, but then discovered that you didn't need to go up at all. Very heavenlike imagery, and it also reminds me of the closing scene of "The Wizard of Oz" where Dorothy discovers she had it in her all along.

Very nice dream! Big Grin
Thanks GG for your input on this one. I like what you wrote.