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Full Version: Cat and Osiris, 6.10.17, 8:30am
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Woke this morning trying to hold on to dreams I had during the night. Opened my bedroom door and my big  Cat came in. Decided to go back to bed so I could recall the dreams. My big cat laid down next to me. I dozed off trying to put a name to the person in one of the dreams.

After a while of not  being successful I opened my eyes and see my big cat has his paw on my hand. His eyes are closed but I know he is awake. I shut my eyes and say to myself, I wish I could recall this person's name. Then I heard, Osiris. I thought, that is strange. I open my eyes and my cat is looking at me with that weird cat stare cats sometimes do.

I smiled and thought, this cat has always acted like he should be pampered so maybe his ancestors are from Egypt and they  worshipped Osiris.  Rolleyes